With so m‚Äčany different types of schools, grade requirements, A-G courses, extra-curriculars and more, the college admissions process can seem very overwhelming for parents who are looking to help their students get the information they need to stay on track to attend college. Even if they too attended college in the past, they are quickly realizing the process has become much longer and more complicated than before. For many parents, it can be challenging to know where to start, and we are here to help direct you to some helpful links that cover the basis of the admissions process!

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Parent Action Plan:
A helpful breakdown of the important tasks that should be completed each year from middle school through senior year to help make sure students stay on track.
Helpful Links:

College Board's "For Parents" Page: Video tutorials, articles, webinars, and more to help answer all your college admissions questions for your student.

California Colleges:Provides a detailed breakdown of the admission requirements to California public colleges as well as has an online tool to help match students with potentials schools.

Cal State Apply: Provides students and families with information about the California State University system, as well as how to finance and apply to one of the many CSU campuses.

UC Application: Provides information of how to apply to the UC System for both freshman and transfer applicants.

Pathway to UC: Information on the process of applying to the University of California System. (Spanish Version)