EAOP College Preparation Services

Transcript Evaluations and Academic Advisement
EAOP staff will provide transcript evaluations, academic advisement, and establish an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) for all CSU/UC eligible students. 

Financial Aid Assistance
EAOP staff will provide assistance filling out and submitting the FAFSA or California Dream Act through Parent Workshops and Financial Aid Nights as well as one on one tutorials with students as needed. Staff will also assist students in interpreting their financial aid letters once received and ​provide budgeting ​tips for life after college.
Classroom Presentations
EAOP along with our pre-college partners will provide classroom presentations across the entire school. They include an overview of Financial Aid, A-G Requirements, four Systems of higher education in CA, and College Eligibility.  Students will also learn about pre-college programs and services at their school.

College Applications Process
EAOP staff will assist students throughout the application process to all four systems of higher education, including help with placement exams, financial aid and personal statements.
Academic Achievement Receptions
EAOP will host a number of different events to recognize students who have been admitted to the UC System, CSU System, and who are on A-G track.

School-Wide Higher Education Awareness
EAOP will distribute financial Aid, a-g Requirements, UC Eligibility, UC System, and EAOP Information. They will distribute information about colleges and universities in the region as well as answer general questions about college requirements, majors, and college life.

EAOP ​Academic Services

Career Exploration
Students learn the difference between a job and a career, participate in career interest surveys, and are shown the impact of education on careers and earnings.

A-G Requirements & The Four Systems
EAOP staff will ​educate students on  A-G requirements and how to stay on track as well as explain the four systems of higher education.

Students review the four systems with an eye to majors and degrees and learn how majors fit in to the classes they will take and future job prospects.

EAOP Academic Services Team will provide workshops to help students prepare for the SAT and ACT exams, including helpful test-taking tips and practice tests.

The SAT/ACT exam are now optional for UC admissions. For CSU admissions it is no longer required for Fall 2021 applicants.

​Personal Statements
We provide workshops on how to write personal statements for the Common Application and the UC Application
which can include a formal lesson, one-on-one feedback, or both.

Study Skills
EAOP Academic Services Team provide presentations on note-taking, test taking, study skills, time management, and other important habits to help prepare students for higher education.