Once You're at College

College life can be a difficult adjustment for anyone and so it’s important to find help. Fortunately, most colleges offer lots of it, if you look for it. Make contacting your college’s counseling center a priority, before any problems begin. They can direct you towards resources and programs that will help you keep your head above water and ensure your college experience is a good one. Some important resources to find out about and use might include EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) at public institutions as well as various tutoring programs that are often free or for very low cost at many schools. Some of these programs can also put you in touch with other undocumented students. These students can be a valuable resource and source of information for you. Finally, if staff in a campus department or office seem unhelpful or are not knowledgeable about your issues, ask if there is a staff member with whom you can speak who is trained in AB 540 issues. Sometimes the people at the front desk don’t know the details or procedures that are relevant for you and you have to find a person who is more familiar with them.