Types of Applications

The main types of applications you will see are CSU applications, UC applications, the Common Application, and individual applications for private schools. Community Colleges may have applications but acceptance is automatic—simply apply, register, pay, and sign up for classes.

CSU Applications

  • Fill out the application for each CSU you are interested in. Once you fill out the first one, the others should draw basic information from it.
  • Send your scores for the SAT Reasoning or the ACT. If your GPA is above 3.0 and you are a CA resident, you don't need to send the test scores, although it can help you avoid having to take subject placement tests.
  • If you are a non-resident and have a GPA of 3.61 and above, you don't need to send in test scores either.
  • Some specific majors at some campuses will require scores, however, regardless of GPA.

UC Applications

  • Fill out the application once and indicate which UC's you want to recieve it.
  • You must write the Personal Statements, which consist of 2 essays totaling no more than 1000 words.
  • You must send your scores for the SAT Reasoning or the ACT with writing as well as your scores on at least two SAT Subject Tests.

Common Application

The Common Application is a "generic" application that is accepted by hundreds of private schools. It is meant to make your life easier by allowing you to fill out an application once and send it to many different private institutions. These private colleges regard it the same way they do their own applications. In fact, many schools now no longer have their own applications--they just tell you to fill out the Common Application.

  • Complete the application
  • Write the essay, which can be up to 500 words
  • Look to see what additional information each school you are applying to requires (test scores, letters of recommendation, etc) and include those too

Other Applications

  • Other private schools or public schools in other states will have individual applications specific for the college or university.
  • Application requirements (test scores, recommendations, essays, etc) will vary.