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Santa Maria High School: 250 Senior Students Recognized for Meeting University Requirements

by Patricia Martellotti | Oct 02, 2020

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Santa Maria High School seniors who have already met the requirements to go to universities were honored at a drive thru event Thursday. 

It was a special day for Fred Gonzalez, "And I got a certificate and my transcripts and some information about college and all of these things." 

Gonzales and some 250 seniors at Santa Maria High School who have met the requirements to go to a university got their certificates and transcripts.

The high school seniors also received a lawn sign and a senior toolkit.

Parents too were proud.

"Oh my gosh it’s amazing I don’t know what else to say she worked really hard her freshman year or sophomore year or junior year and definitely this year," said parent Monica Valdez.

Gonzalez says he has big plans next year.

He says he is hoping to attend Cal Poly.

"I plan to major In architecture hopefully," said Gonzalez.

Staff members say the students worked very hard even during the pandemic.

"It makes me very happy and proud of our students especially because these are very difficult times and they’re working very very hard to continue on and pursue their education after high school," said counselor Maria Fruge of Santa Maria High School.


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