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College Outreach Begins in Middle School in the Santa Maria School District

by Mikayla Molinaro | Sep 20, 2017
     EAOP Middle School Site Coordinators completed a successful year with 614 total services, including 499 classroom presentations and 46 parent services at 4 middle schools in the Santa Maria School District. Eunice Gonzalez-Sierra and Nancy Pacheco captivated students’ imagination with their lively class presentations with stories about their educational journey. Students learned why a college education is needed, how to prepare early in their middle school years to prepare for AP and Honors level courses in high school.
    In addition, junior high school students met regularly for EAOP Club meetings, with 85 students in attendance at the September meeting at Tommie Kunst Junior High. One student who attended the meaning explained, "I am interested in joining the college club because I want to ensure a bright future for me, I would also like to be able to support a family. I want to make my parents and myself proud.I also want to show that women can make a great income and have an exceptional education" (Eden Garcia, 7th Grade, Tommie Kunst Jr. High). "College is something I'm determine to attend in the near future. My parents work very hard for my sisters and me and I feel like going to college will not only help me but also my parents. I also want to get a career for myself so I can be successful in life and show my parents and myself that I didn't throw their money away but invested it in myself who will get a job and work hard. My older sister who is in 9th grade also joined college club in 8th grade who went to FJHS at the time said that joining the club taught her about scholarships, loans and gave her new experiences when she went on field trips, UCSB and also when she met seniors from PVHS." (Andrea Martinez, 7th Grade, Tommie Kunst Jr. High). 

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      "It's really exciting to see students from the young age of 12 or 13, learning about their futures, how to get to college and what they need to start doing now so that they can make their dreams of going to college a reality" said College Site Coordinator Eunice Gonzalez-Sierra, "we usually work with students who have little to no knowledge of what is required to get into a University, but despite that, want to succeed. Whenever we ask "How many of you would like to go to college one day?" We have most, if not all, students raising their hand and indicating that higher education is in their plans and that is why we do what we do, so that we can help them get there one day." EAOP Middle School Coordinators passed the torch to their colleagues in the Santa Maria high schools to light the path to college for parents and students during their high school career. Because students learned about college in their middle schools, they have the foundation to expand their college knowledge and take advantage of opportunities in high school to be more competitive for college. 

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