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Art Together 2016

by Mikayla Molinaro | Jun 07, 2016

Art Together 2016 just ended on May 31, and altogether it was a huge success! Earlier in the year, the Early Academic Outreach Program and the Art, Design & Architecture Museum invited high school students to submit their artwork, and those whose artwork was selected had the chance to see it displayed in the SRB throughout the entire month of May. Over 80 people attended the main event on May 20, including high school seniors, admitted transfer students, teachers, and parents. They all received tours on campus and participated in a Q&A with UCSB undergraduates from various disciplines in the humanities. They also heard from Rick Benjamin, a distinguished poet, author and Assoc. Director for Community Engagement at IHC; he mesmerized everyone with animated recitations of poetry. Lety Garcia, the outreach coordinator for this event, noted the enthusiasm among attendees: “Two fathers that came with their students approached me after the panel talk to tell me that they wished they had had this kind of support for themselves in their youth—it would have made a difference.”

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